Accurate pressure control & high efficiency

The wider G1000 family of products are a low pressure, compact regulator for large commercial and industrial applications with excellent capacity capabilities.

The G1000 links accurate pressure control, reliability, high efficiency and sensitivity with maximum flow and minimum pressure loss and is designed for use with 1st, 2nd and 3rd family gases.

The regulators can be used on metering installations, commercial / industrial installations or OEM applications on burner or boiler trains.

Sperryn Industrial Gas Regulators
  • 1

    Excellent capacity capabilities

    Ensures wide range of metering applications

  • 2

    Compact design

    Ensures ease of installation and minimises kiosk/housing size requirements

  • 3


    Lower unit weight than alternative solutions improving handling issues, saving transportation costs and reducing carbon footprint

  • 4

    Quick response to rapid load changes

  • 5

    Excellent outlet pressure control

  • 6

    Internal impulse

  • Maximum Pressure

    350 mbar

  • Operating Pressure

    23.5mbar – 200mbar

  • Outlet Pressure Range

    17mbar – 37.5mbar

  • Operating Temperature

    -20°C to +60°C

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The information below is applicable to the 4” DN100 G1000.

Complies with UK specification PRS33 (Class B) and the European standard EN88.

  • Capacity

    238m³/hr (0.64sg Natural Gas)

  • Nominal Outlet Pressure


  • Operating Accuracy




  • Connection Size

    4 “ / DN100

  • Weight