Mains to Meter

At the forefront of the
gas industry since 1889

Domestic Installation Kits & Gas Regulator

Easy To Fit Domestic Meter Box Connection Kits & Regulators

Sperryn’s high quality low-pressure 1st & 2nd stage installation kits and regulators are designed and manufactured in the UK for domestic gas meter boxes. Suitable for 1st, 2nd & 3rd family gases with bespoke options available.

Industrial Installation Kits & Gas Regulators

High Performance Industrial & Commercial Installation Kits & Regulators

Sperryn has a long history of producing optimal Industrial & Commercial gas regulators. The range is designed and manufactured in the UK and is available up to 4″ diameter.

Sperryn Essentials

Valves & Meter Box Adaptors

Sperryn’s Ball Valves & Meter Box Adaptors have a proven track record of quality and a well-established capability for long term operation.

Sperryn Gas Controls

Sperryn has been at the forefront of the international gas industry since 1889, giving the company over 100 years of experience.

As a leading brand of Crane Building Services & Utilities, Sperryn is a well-established manufacturer of gas controls, including regulators, emergency control valves and meter kits.

Together with its sister brand, WASK, Sperryn is a market leading supplier of ‘Mains to Meter’ gas solutions.

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