Sperryn have been manufacturing domestic regulators for more than 20 years

The G940 represents thousands of engineering hours developing a product that links accurate pressure control and reliability with no service requirements throughout its product life.

Sperryn G940 sectional
  • 1

    Compact design

    Ensures ease of installation into all types of meter boxes

  • 2

    Downward crimp design

    Improved crimp strength for lid retention, increased impact resistance and enhanced sealing integrity.

  • 3

    Heavy wall thickness at threaded connections

    Minimised potential for leak paths

  • 4

    Fully concentric aluminium spindle

    Robust material for long service life

  • 5

    Large metering diameter

    Low pressure absorption capabilities

  • 6

    Two piece cast construction

    Robust design to ensure long service life

  • Maximum Incidental Pressure

    350 mbar

  • Operating Pressure

    26mbar – 200mbar

  • Outlet Pressure Range

    17mbar – 37.5mbar

  • Operating Temperature

    -20°C to +60°C

The G940 is a low-pressure, compact, domestic meter regulator specifically designed for use with 1st, 2nd and 3rd family gasses.

Ideally suited for use on metering installations, incorporating G2.5, G4 (U6) and E6 size meters and can be supplied as part of a metering solutions package.

The G941 can be equipped with an Under Pressure Shut Off feature (UPSO).

G940 Regulator

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Complies to UK specifications IGEM/PRS3 and the European standard EN88

  • Capacity

    6m³/hr (0.64sg Natural Gas)

  • Nominal Outlet Pressure


  • Operating Pressure Pressure Range

    26mbar – 200mbar

G940 Outlet Pressure Flow Rate Graph


Sperryn G940 Dimensions


  • Connection Size

    3/4” & 1 “ to BS21

  • Weight