E6 Semi-Concealed Meter Box Kits

The unique jointing system is the SMART way to install E6 electronic smart meters. It is highly flexible, allowing connection to a wide variety of semi-concealed meter boxes.

Articulated hoses are easy to manipulate and unlike hot works, need less qualified technicians to install.

Sperryn also offer a wide variety of kits to install on any traditional gas meter box.

Please contact Sperryn about any requirements you may have.

The inlet kits includes the long established Sperryn G940 MK3 Regulator.

Kit Options


Inlet Kit: DKW122A

Inlet kit for all boxes types using a E6 type meter

More Information

Outlet Kit: DKW123A
1” BS746 Outlet kit for a Wet box


Outlet Kit: DKW124A
22mm Copper compression Outlet kit for a Dry box


Outlet Kit: DKW125A
¾” BS746 Outlet kit for a Dry box


Do you need a bespoke kit?

If you need a bespoke kit with labels, add-ups or branding get in touch

Why choose Sperryn’s 2nd stage meter box kit?

1. The meter bracket has been specially designed to work in all meter boxes and ensures a BS6400 compliant installation. This provides increased confidence that the solution will address all box types without having prior knowledge of the installation.

2. Low profile elbows ensure a compact size envelope and combined with a flexible joint ensures less manual effort for the installer to manipulate the flex hose, reducing time and associated health and safety issues.

3. The compression connection on the outlet kits for dry boxes means there is no requirement to solder several joints, again reducing time, particularly when experiencing inclement weather conditions.

4. Also, a common issue relating to flux corrosion within the meter installation will be eliminated, reducing health and safety concerns post-installation and re-visit costs.

G4 Easy to Fit Kit

Installation Instructions

Before – Soldered Joints

  • 10 soldered joints
  • 10 possible leak paths
  • Potential solder and flux damage to meter and entire installation

After – Articulated Easy to Fit Hoses

E6 Meter Box
  • First time connection
  • Leak proof
  • Ensures closure of lid

Sperryn G940 Regulator

The G940 domestic regulator offers high performance in a compact unit.

Approved to British Gas Industry specification PRS/3E and the EN88 European standard.

G940 Domestic Regulators
G940 Regulator