NEW: Low Pressure Industrial Regulators

4” / DN100 G1000 (Angled)

Application / Operation

As part of the wider G1000 family of products, the 4" (DN100) Dedicated Angled model is a low pressure, compact regulator for large commercial and industrial applications with excellent capacity capabilities.

The G1000 links accurate pressure control, reliability, high efficiency and sensitivity with maximum flow and minimum pressure loss and is designed for use with 1st, 2nd and 3rd family gases.

The new design is specified for use on U160 meter modules in IGEM/GM/6 and will resolve the issues related to the installation of unapproved smaller units causing pressure loss issues at the higher end of the capacity envelope. The unit can also be used in line with IGEM/GM/8 on higher capacity rotary meter applications offering benefits both in terms of a more compact configuration for the installation but also related time and labour savings.

The regulator can be designed to fit into a GC7+ Kiosk and as this Kiosk is normally used for U65 and U100 LP diaphragm meter modules, this rotary option gives much more capacity for the same size of housing. The unit has been tested in line with the requirements of 8.5.4 of GM/6 (inlet pressure conditions for a low pressure network) and has a demonstrated capacity of 320 m3/hr as a standalone regulator and as part of a meter module up to 235 m3/hr.


Features & Benefits

  1. Excellent capacity capabilities: Ensures wide range of metering applications
  2. Compact design: Ensures ease of installation and minimises kiosk/housing size requirements
  3. Lightweight: Lower unit weight than alternative solutions improving handling issues, saving transportation costs and reducing carbon footprint
  4. Quick response to rapid load changes
  5. Excellent outlet pressure control
  6. Internal impulse


Operating Specification

Maximum Incidental Pressure: 350mbar
Operating Pressure Range: 23.5mbar - 75mbar
Outlet Pressure Range: 17mbar - 37.5mbar
Operating Temperature: -20°c to +60°c



Complies with UK specification PRS33 (Class B) and the European standard EN88.

Capacity:* 238m3/hr
(0.64sg Natural Gas)
Nominal Outlet Pressure: 21mbar
Operating Accuracy: ±7.5%

 * In accordance with PRS33. Higher capacity details available upon request


Tested in Accordance with PRS33


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 Dimensions & Weight

Weight A B C D
 4" / DN1000  43kg 450mm  840mm  227mm  181mm




Name Material
Body Aluminium alloy
Diaphragm housings Aluminium alloy
Spring cover Aluminium alloy
Secondary plate Aluminium alloy
Spindle Aluminium alloy
Valve plate Aluminium alloy
Valve spindle Mild steel
Impulse tube Mild steel
Primary Mild steel
Plates Mild steel
Diaphragm spacer Mild steel
PN16 Flanged Mild steel
Outlet Mild steel
Fasteners Mild steel
Spring adjuster Brass
Valve seat & guide Brass
Main & Secondary Diaphragms Fabric reinforced Nitrile
O-rings Nitrile
Springs Spring steel



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Sperryn G1000 Datasheet

4" / DN100 G1000 (Angled) Datasheet. Low Pressure Industrial & Commercial Regulator

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